Monday, November 21, 2005

Nominations 2005

Do you want to know who is the most Fashionable student at the Umar? Or who is the Jarra? (the drunkest). These and more nominations you could see next Thursday 17 of this month at 10 pm. Where? In the best discotec in Huatulco: La Papaya.

And if you want to tell something to someone, or if you want to tell something to everybody, this is your opportunity! Just come with us, these are The Confessions. Equally if you want to know some gossip, don’t forget to go to La Papaya.

You could find other surprises, like two for one (2x1) beer, handsome boys, pretty girls, good music, other drinks and much fun.
This event is organized by the comunication students of fifth semester. The object is to get some resources to travel. You can help us and have a fun time.

Alexandra Ramirez


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