Thursday, November 24, 2005

Student Discounts

Often, students come from far away to study at the UMAR. Every month, the majority of the student community has to pay rent; also, they are poor so they need economic help.

The administration of the UMAR has talked to the owners of the most necessary services that the students need, to get some discounts for an easier life during their residence in the university.

The owners who have accepted the project have decided to give some discounts or promotions in the cinema, restaurants, discotheques, malls, cyber cafes, coffee shops, etc. The only thing that they require is an UMAR I.D.

For example: The bus drivers charge just two pesos to get the students from downtown to the university. The restaurants have said that the charge for lunch is about 25 pesos for students.
Having these facilities the students can stay at university during their scholastic period.

Hernández López Daniela
López Ortiz Adriana Mariel


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