Thursday, November 24, 2005

Cheap Thursday Dates for Cine Fans

Every Thursday in the university’s auditorium at 2 o’clock, the Cine Club shows a movie. The type of movie depends on the theme of the moment, for example, classic, terror, comedy, etc. When the movie is over everyone in the club discusses the tape. Their talk concerns the story, the photography, the actors, the music, the stage, etc.

The objective of the Cine Club it to promote cinematographic culture and learn about the different types of movies, directors, and actors.

The manager is Manuel Tenorio, professor of Humanity Sciences at UMAR. He finds people who want to take part doing the review about the movie and make the posters and flyers that promote watching the movie.

The Cine Club UMAR is a good idea for spending time and enjoying a really nice moment with a friend or special person.

Jorge Ari Matadamas Pineda
Tehani Ariana Cruz Cornejo


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