Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Diplomatic Crisis between Mexico and Venezuela

Recently, Mexico participated in the fourth American Summit celebrated in Mar de Plata, Argentina. At this summit, Mexico’s President worked in different meetings with other Presidents.

Vicente Fox, President of Mexico, always had one position in favor of consolidating the American Free Trade Agreement (ALCA). However, the president of Venezuela, Huge Chavez, spoke hard criticisms about Mexico. Hugo Chavez said the Mexico is “the puppy of the empire,” which created discomfort in the Mexican government.

Therefore, the executive called in an ambassador of Venezuela to consult. So, the ambassador of Venezuela had to give an explanation of the declarations of his President.

After that, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico explained the conflict was finished within the diplomatic process. But the results of this bargain were dissatisfying to the Mexican government.

Therefore, the secretary of Foreign Policy has since explained the disagreement with the statement of President Hugo Chavez. Finally, the foreign policy of Mexico has a crisis, because Vicente Fox doesn’t have a good government staff.

Melina Hernanadez Garcia
Sandra Lopez Reyes
Luis Elizondo ParedeoEdwin Aurdy Cruz Garcia


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