Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Pollution is Destroying the Earth

The earth has a natural system that controls winds, temperature, and rain. In addition, the earth can control the way crops grow without any chemical product.

Nowadays, pollution is higher than years before. A lot of machines are in function everyday. Ships, cars, planes, and factories are the tools to the life necessities the human society needs to produce and carry food and products from one country to another.

Pollution is a real problem to everyone. We have to keep the streets clean because they are in a mess. Plastic bags and soda bottles can be seen in many places around the towns in Mexico.

Another problem is that everyday we are eating vegetables, fruits, and other crops grown with chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

The earth has a life, it can feel the warmth caused by pollution so we have to start looking at other ways to protect it. The best way I think is to be conscious where we want to go and what kind of world we want.

Energy is made from nuclear in some cases. There is one plant in La Laguna, Mexico. It has the same characteristics of the Chernoville plant, which exploded many years ago causing a lot of disease and death.

In conclusion, pollution destroys our world. Everybody has the responsibility to keep it in good condition.


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