Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A Brief History of Santa Claus

Santa Claus has been called by several different names throughout the years. Traditions and legends of Santa Claus for the evolution of the modern-day Santa may have been based on the early Dutch legend of Sinterklaas, originating in the 1600's.
Santa Claus really started to get famous when American author Washington Irving published stories about Santa Claus, referring to him as Saint Nicholas who arrived on Christmas Eve bringing presents for children.

On December 25?
Yeshua's birth is celebrated, actually we don’t know the date of Yeshua's birth. In the effort for establishing the adoration to Yeshua, Roma established on December 25 as the birth of Yeshua because in this date is celebrated a pagan party directed to the god of the Sun, a party very famous and celebrated by all.

What is the meaning of Christmas?
For many persons Christmas is a symbol of gifts, party, dinner and other things where the money is very important, In spite of the fact that his origin is religious.
A hypothesis in the matter is that the Christmas is acquiring new meanings, the form of the ritual is kept but his content transforms, getting accommodated to the new gods and values of the world. For an important sector of the population, the Christmas already is not an occasion to strengthen his Christian religion; rather it represents a social format to guarantee the brotherly vows.

The real thing
Yeshua's birth is a rescuing action for the present man. It is the immense and eternal God that descends to take the human condition and bursts in into the time of the man so that one can reach it. Nobody, although he wants, can remain to the margin of this mystery. The entire world accepts the event of the birth of Yeshua, like the central date of the history of the humanity.
Geokena Hernández Gómez and Elvia Venegas Díaz


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